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Jimmy Kimmel: A Liar

Jimmy Kimmel admits that he’s one of the biggest phonies in the world, and that his show makes him lie for a living. Mark Dice reports.

Fat and Miserable Women

Steven Crowder breaks down statements from Amy Schumer’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Is Amy Schumer advocating for women to live statically-proven unhappy lives? Or is it simply comedic schtick?

Silence of New York Times

Last week, James O’Keefe confronted Deputy Managing Editor Clifford Levy in the streets of Brooklyn to get comment on the status of Nicholas Dudich’s employment at The New York Times. Nicholas Dudich was featured in Parts I and II of the American Pravda NYT investigation. He was caught on camera admitting his bias, and describing how he uses his position at The Times to achieve his personal agendas.

O’Keefe also asked Levy if he had seen the comments that Senior Editor Desiree Shoe made on hidden camera, which corroborated some of Dudich’s claims. Shoe was caught admitting that NYT journalists wrote articles to expose how “crazy” Trump is in hopes to influence voters. Levy also was asked if he agreed with Executive Editor Dean Baquet’s description of James O’Keefe as a “sinner.” Levy declined to comment directly to any of the questions.

Tarmac Emails “Found”

The FBI originally informed Judicial Watch they did not locate any records related to the infamous Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting. However, in a related case, the Justice Department located emails in which Justice Department officials communicated with the FBI and wrote that they had communicated with the FBI. As a result, by letter dated August 10, 2017, from the FBI stated, “Upon further review, we subsequently determined potentially responsive documents may exist. As a result, your [FOIA] request has been reopened…”

Problem with Gun Control

The United States government won’t tell you that foreign states want to run guns into the US like they do opium but Styxhexenhammer666 will. He argues that massive gun control is not happening in the United States.

Baby Salmon Threatened?

CNN reports that the Alaskan Pebble Mine will destroy the wilderness. John Stossel exposed this lie two years ago. He now returns to show how the Trump administration has been more honest and fair in dealing with the mine, while Obama tried to kill it without even giving a mine a chance to submit its paperwork for review.

Insane Bernie Attacks Trump

Steven Crowder breaks down everything wrong with Bernie Sanders’ attack and “critique,” printed in The Guardian, of Trump’s tax plan.

The Ultimate Truth

The Truthstream Media team takes a look back in time, and finds conclusive proof that the Globalists have been manipulating history for decades. Wonder what declassified documents of the future will say about the Las Vegas massacre? Not going to be good for our lying Deep State.

End-Game of the Oiligarchs

What is the end-game of the Oiligarchs? At the end of your documentary you suggest things like it’s about power, control of gene pools, and preparing for a post-oil economy, but what is their motivation? Is it even remotely possible that they truly believe they have humanity’s best interests at heart? Or is this simply about self-preservation for them and their families? James Corbett discusses.

The Story of Friendlyism

With YouTube restricting conservative content by demonetization and 18+ ratings, Uncle Bill — who definitely does not want to trigger anyone! — tells us the Story of Friendlyism… just the cleanest and sweetest gosh-darn story on the internet! All is peachy in the world of Bill Whittle. None of his friends will ever tell YouTube otherwise. Watch and have a cookie!

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