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Pedophile Trafficking Victim

Jennifer, a pedophile trafficking victim, calls into the Quite Frankly Show to discuss what happened to her. Her revelations are quite chilling, as she recalls what happened when she was young and forced to watch incidents of child sexual abuse and murder. She says these incidents happened in the New York City area, while she now lives in relative safety in Ireland. Hopefully, she woill resurface oin the show and we will learn more.

Strzok Escorted Out from FBI

Pete Strzok is escorted Tuesday from the FBI building. Lawyer for the anti-Trump FBI agent fires back against criticism, saying his client is not a conspirator but instead a patriot. Sure.

Comey Was Insubordinate

Four Things You Need To Know About the OIG FBI Report… 1. Comey Was Insubordinate 2. FBI Agent Was Willing to Influence Election 3. Five FBI Employees Referred For Investigation 4. FBI Leaks and Gifts From Media We break down some of the most important details from the report in this Reality Check with Ben Swann.

Socialist Myths Debunked

Bernie Sanders’ friends in the electorate often whine: How come the United States can’t be more like the Socialist countries of northern Europe, the ones like Nowat, Sweden and Denmark that provide free health care and higher education. Political Juice tackles that question, noting, “Starting 2018 off right by dismantling yet another leftist myth, and one in particular that I constantly hear being promulgated among my peers. Grab your bag of Swedish Fish and let’s get this going.”

Robinson’s Letter from Prison

Tommy Robinson drafted this heartfelt letter from prison. He languishes in the HM Prison Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England after a corrupt British judge incarcerated Robinson for reporting on a bunch of Muslims guilty of sexually abusing children, mostly girls under the age of 16. We must be super-vigilant here in the United States so our officials don’t become as evil as the Muslim-butt kissing louses running the show in Great Britain. The letter is read by Brian London.

Democrats Skirt Impeachment

Democrats are now trying to scuttle any talk of impeachment. Why? President Donald Trump is riding a wave of popularity, with the economy soaring and his summit with North Korea improving the odds of peace. Far leftists in the Democrat Party are still hot to trot on impeachment, but the party leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, are suddenly silent on the subject and trying to backtrack. Dick Morris shares his thoughts.

Beethoven Sends ‘Em Packing

How does one innovative 7-11 get rid of vagrants loitering on the premises outdoors? Simple. Rev up the Beethoven and classical music. Chad Prather explains.

War for Tommy Robinson

Enjoy the second week of Louder With Crowder’s Cultural Appropriation Month! This week we honor the talented and tough culture of North Korea! Talking all things Tommy Robinson imprisonment, banned sex dolls, Jim Acosta’s latest blunder, Chicago trains and more. Derek Smalls of the band ‘Spinal Tap’ stops by to talk his new album and going solo, Dean Cain stops by to diss on Hollywood and Robert DeNiro, and Sargon of Akkad talks the state of free speech in Europe and Tommy Robinson.

Progressives Whining Again

While the world was watching North Korea, progressives were whining as usual, this time attacking Chick-fil-a.  And while they were busy telling gay folks what nuggets they can and can’t eat, guess what Chick-fil-A was doing? Actually helping people. You know, as Christians tend to do. Brittany Hughes has more on her Reality Check Show.

Crazy Man & Hoover Dam

Woo woo regarding the crazy man and the armored truck on the Hoover Dam bypass bridge named after the former NFL star turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who was fragged on orders of military brass in the Pentagon who didn’t want him coming home and speaking out against the ‘war on terror’. The “nut in the armored vehicle’ on the Pat Tillman bridge on Friday, Matthew Wright, held up a sign reading “Release the OIG report” while yelling “No more lies, no more bullshit, we the people demand full disclosure.” If this isn’t a predictive programming deep state psyop, I don’t know what is. More from the SGTReport.

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