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Chick-Fil-A Scares Liberals

Want to make sure you don’t run into any mentally retarded Liberals at your next lunch date? Just go to Chick-Fil-A, where the chicken sandwiches scare the beejezus out of Liberals. You have to wonder about these morons — belittling a restaurant chain like Chick-Fil-A for espousing conservative ideals, while at the same time, Liberals want to bring Muslims into the country who would kill everyone else and destroy our freedoms. Mark Dice ponders.

Is the Sun Really a Sphere?

New imagery suggests the sun might not actually be a sphere. It could be closer to a cube, or something closer to a fan with spinning blades. Here is a video that shows some of the possible design issues. The video maker compares it all to a “tesseract,” also called an eight-cell or a tetracube. Pretty wild.



Gotta Be A Republican

You wanna be a punk in Los Angeles? The only way to do it is to be a Republican. Sp says Trey Parker, who with his buddy Matt Stone, creates SOUTH PARK.

Ready for a Run on Gold?

Keith Neumeyer, the chairman of First Mining Gold and CEO of First Majestic Silver, joins to discuss the ongoing manipulation of the precious metals by the big criminal banks, JP Morgan’s record physical silver hoard and the fact that gold appears poised to move far higher in the near future.

Google Is Always Listening

Does Google and Facebook listen in and record conversations and audio even when they’re not open? I perform a live test on google to discover whether google listens to my microphone even when my browser is turned off to target its advertisements better.

Hillary Child-Sex Tape

WARNING: This video contains graphic details concerning the #HillarySexTape and the horrific acts she committed against a young girl. The footage found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop caused some of the most hardened NYPD officers to weep, vomit and seek psychological help. REPORT BY: SGTreport.

Q drop on Hillary Clinton vid the 5:5? Walnut sauce and what it really means and pedovores. ” These people are sick” Q.

Again, we share the first image circulating on the web showing what appear to be Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin sleeping on a table top. The table top is seemingly the same brand of pool table — the Joola — found at Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington, D.C. The photograph also has a table soccer game, same as Comet, and a pockmarked floor.




Here is a second image making the rounds. This one is much murkier, but appears to show a young girl wearing some sort of cone cap.

So Long, Gunny Ermey

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ronald Lee Ermey, due to complications stemming from pneumonia.  Ermey starred in FULL METAL JACKET, as well as TOY STORY.


And here’s the Ben Garrison cartoon saluting Ermey, who was a Twitter follower of Garrison. Ermey paid for his conservatism. Not only did Hollywood shun him, but he also was fired by Geico, who formerly used him to do commercials. Of course, we used to be insured by Geico, but canceled those leftist assholes! We would recommend you stop doing business with them as well. Click cartoon to see larger version of it.

Zuckerberg Exposed

Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg faced dozens of politicians — and a worldwide television audience — to answer questions on how Facebook handled user data and privacy. More from Stefan Molyneux.

Once again the mainstream media is ignoring the very fact we may be going into World War 3. This time their talking about Mark Zuckerberg, who ironically enough has been leaking information and censoring many alternative media channels or political commentators on the right. Ashton Birdie reacts.

How Low Can Comey Go?

The fired FBI director’s new book is as petty and as unprofessional and illegitimate as a Stormy Daniels resume reel. More from Jeanine Pirro.



Iran Is Next

Q-Anon says the Syrian missile attack is preparation for Iran next. April showers.

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