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Will Ferrell: Satanic Emissary

Will Ferrell best known for his time on Saturday Night Live and in the movies doing comedy sends us some cryptic messages on live TV. Here he is channeling Pizzagate and performing a Satanic ritual on the air. Really creepy, sleazy and despicable dude.


Jimmy Kimmel: Ass Clown

Sean Hannity blasted late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel for mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s Slovenian accent and questioning her role in the White House Easter Egg Roll. Kimmel played video of President Donald Trump thanking Melania for organizing the annual event. “Not a chance she did one thing to set that up,” Kimmel said. “She didn’t dye eggs.” Kimmel said Mrs. Trump was instead working on an “escape tunnel” from her husband. Mrs. Trump also read a children’s book to the kids at the White House. “Never stop exploring, ’cause life would be boring. Be clever and be curious just like a cat. Ask lots of questions about this and that,” she read. “Like dis and dat,” Kimmel said, impersonating an Eastern European accent.

“Jimmy, you’re a despicable disgrace,” Hannity said in reaction to the barbs. Hannity said Kimmel and the editors at New York magazine, which depicted the president as a pig, are too “arrogant and too obsessed with hating Donald Trump.” Kimmel also said that his show’s sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, could now qualify to be “first lady of the United States” – in apparent reference to the man also having an accent.

Undressing for Action

Mucho clips of PEPLUM heroes undressing for action. When the cape comes off, watch out! See Steve Reeves, Kirk Morris, Allan Steele and many others readying to administer justice.

Shaking in Their Reboots

Unlike other shows, Roseanne didn’t preach and didn’t take a side. In Roseanne’s house disagreement doesn’t make you an enemy.

Deep State Hates Sitcom

President Donald Trump personally called Roseanne Barr personally to congratulate her on the premier of the reboot of her hit sitcom, a White House official told NBC News. The congratulatory and laudatory call to Barr came after the revival of her hit show Roseanne, which returned to ABC more than 20 years after it ended following its nine-season run. It was a ratings blockbuster. And the Deep State hates it!Lionel Nation explains.

Roseanne appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and defended supporting President Trump. “You all went so f**king far out,” she told the late night show host. We concur. We haven’t watched Kimmel or the Leftist weasel on CBS, Stephen Colbert, for more than a year now, and have no intention of wasting time with either problem so long as they continue with their lopsided derision of Trump. Jimmy Fallon seems to want a wider audience, but ends up being just as big a Leftist asshole as the others, so we skip him, too.

KPOP Banned Dances

Television in South Korea is much more restrictive than in the United States. Korea’s biggest broadcasting companies has strict rules and standards on what lyrics and dances moves can be performed. If they feel a dance move is too explicit, Idols Groups must change it in order to perform. Here’s a look at dances that were deemed inappropriate for live stage, therefore, the moves or the props or costumes got changed. In some cases, they don’t change everything but the camera will focus elsewhere during those moves. It’s important to note that not all channels banned these dance move, each broadcasting company is different to the other.

Spielberg and Little Boys

Rumors have persisted of Steven Spielberg and his fascination with young boys. Mr. Gunk offers this probe centered around EMPIRE OF THE SUN. He says, “Hollywood royalty does not get immunity. Investigate. Question. Drain the swamp!”

A Ghost of Its Own

A deep dive into the many worlds of Ghost in the Shell, and a guide to exploring them.

Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes

TalkHorrors think everyone is double-due for a countdown of the very best classic series episodes for horror fans – the ones that even 50 years later, can still manage to send a chill down our spines. For those of you too scared (or too bored – no judgments) to peek – here’s a cheat sheet: 10. The Howling Man 9. And When The Sky Was Opened 8. The After Hours 7. Perchance to Dream 6. The Midnight Sun 5. The Dummy 4. The Jungle 3. Twenty-Two 2. Living Doll 1. It’s a Good Life

Five Great Libertarian Movies

Reason TV shares five great movies made over the past quarter-century that any libertarian will (must?) enjoy.

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