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Ellen Is Scum of the Earth

Ellen DeGeneres is a typical Hollywood insider, and you won’t believe how she scored that big interview. Mark Dice reports.

Hollywood Hypocrisy

Stefan Molyneux examines Hollywood hypocrisy through the vantage point of the Harvey Weinstein revelations. How did the head of a major studio spend decades bedding youngsters while everyone in Hollywood turned a blind eye to his lechery and his chauvinism? There are rumors this story will unfold and take an even darker turn in the weeks ahead. We’ll stay tuned…

The Fall of Harvey Weinstein

Recently the New York Times published an expose on Harvey Weinstein alleging sexual harassment allegations from multiple women over a significant period of time. The response, or rather the lack of response from Hollywood and political elites tells quite the story. Of course, now that Weinstein has been deposed, there’s starting to be nuch more backbiting and commentary. Stefan Molyneux shares his thoughts.

And, in a curious throwback, here are the 2013 Oscar announcements led by Seth McFarlane and Emma Stone. Upon announcing the five Best Actress nominees, McFarlane jokes, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

Black Ops Kimmel

Like all the other liberal late night TV talk show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel keeps hammering away at gun violence and advocating that Americans’ firearms be confiscated. Of course, Kimmel conveniently forgets his own past, appearing in a violent — to say the least — 2010 commercial for CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS.

Hey, Kimmel, you two-bit hypocrite! If you think guns are so bad, why did you agree to do the commercial glorifying them? You are one phony, jive-ass celebutard!

In My Merry Oldsmobile

In this Fleischer Studios sing-along adult cartoon, there is a a surprising amount of sexual imagery and sexual innuendo.The Fleischer Studios, of course, gave us Betty Boop as well as Popeye and Koko the Clown. This cartoon is originally from 1931.

Late Night TV Liars

Take the unfunniest thing you can think of and then amplify it tenfold. You have Stephen Colbert. Do that again, and you have Trevor Noah. The pattern repeats itself until you arrive at Samantha Bee. This is a video about them.

TV Cord-Cutting Explodes

If you had any doubts about it, ponder this fact: By the end of 2017, more than 20 million Americans will have canceled their cable and satellite TV. The number of cord-cutters is proliferating, up more than 30 percent from last year. The question becomes: Are all of these Americans just trying to save some money or are they growing more and more fed up with the Leftist nonsense that passes as being acceptable on cable TV? Hard Bastard asks the pertinent questions.

Into the Bowl of Stupid

Who lands this week in Diamond and Silk’s Bowl of Stupid. How about Anthony Bourdain, the master chef seen on CNN and The Travel Channel, who waxed poetically about wanting to feed President Donald Trump a poisoned meal.  If ever invited to cook at the White House, he said, he’d served a hemlock-laden meal.

Hey, Bourdain? How you going to maintain your master chef status when you’re locked away in a high-security prison cell? And why should anyone in their right minds ever again watch CNN or The Travel Channel? Boycott both of those banal networks for carrying such a low-life and pathological creep on their staffs.

Never Apologize for Comedy

Steven Crowder breaks down why comedians should NEVER apologize for “offensive” jokes no matter what the Social Justice Warrior bully brigade does.

Freeman Goes Full Libtard

Morgan Freeman declares war on Russia in a bizarre new PSA produced by the “Committee to Investigate Russia,” which consists of some folks form Hollywood. Mark Dice reports.

And here’s Lionel Nation’s response, focusing on the role of Meathead (Rob Reiner) in the Blame Russia campaign. It’s apparently Meathead who has been weaponizing Morgan Freeman and eliciting his involvement in the campaign. Hey, Reiner, how about you stick with rancid pork?

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