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The Aziz Ansari Controversy

NBC series “Parks and Recreation” and Netflix series “Master of None” actor Aziz Ansari was recently accused of sexual misconduct by an anonymous woman and claims of hypocrisy by the court of public opinion due to his insistent male feminist proclamations.

Stefan Molyneux is joined by Owen Benjamin,  a popular comedian and the host of the “Why Didn’t They Laugh?” podcast.

Women Have Ruined Star Wars

Star Wars, perhaps the most popular movie series of all times, has lost audience appeal ever since the franchise was acquired by the Disney network. Milo Yiannapoulos says the cause of the decline is simple: Disney has lost sight of the things that made Star Wars popular, instead trying to fit the series smugly within Disney’s politically correct Liberalism.

Teen Titans Theme

Puffy Ami Yumi sing the theme song of Teen Titans. Warner Brothers executives should have been shot when they removed the show from the Cartoon Network and substituted the rotten Teen Titans Go. The Teen Titans theme song still bares repeating, “When there’s trouble, you know who to call (teen titans!) from their tower, they can see it all (teen titans!) when there’s evil on the attack you can rest knowing they got your back.”

Celebrities Are Here to Help

When a lowly state employee in Hawaii set off an incoming missile alert, it didn’t take long for the deranged Liberal crew from Hollywood to imagine the worst nuclear nightmare and use the occasion to castigate President Donald Trump. Here, we hear from two of the Libs, both formerly popular in movies: Jim Carrey and Jamie Lee Curtis. CCN also got into the act, but fortunately, their mic went dead, so we didn’t have to hear from them. Mark Dice reports.

Actors Go Over the Bend

They’re dropping like flies. Seems like President Donald Trump is bringing out the worst in the deranged psychopaths who work as actors in Hollywood. Now, Michael Rapaport has released this scathing video attacking Trump and, specifically, First Lady Melania. This follows similar videos from Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn. What’s up?

We suspect Trump and the Justice Department are about to lower the boom on Hollywood, which has a long and shady history of encouraging pedophiles and child rapists. Are we saying DeNiro, Penn and Rapaport are suspects? No, but it certainly would not surprise us to find they are involved. When folks scream as loudly as these idiots — with this much venom — chances increase that they are scumbags or else protecting scumbags.

Judge Jeanine didn’t touch on Rapaport, but she shared her harsh assessments of actors/assholes Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn in her opening monologue over the weekend. Yes, the Hollywood hypocrites are so full of hate they would rather our nation fail so they can blame it on the president.

The Dunham Era Is Over

People are just losing patience with the most extreme hypocrites. More from Milo  Yiannopoulos.

Celebrities Save America!

Thankfully Hollywood celebrities have a plan to save America, and they revealed it at the Golden Globes this year. Mark Dice reports.

The Tranny Bunch

Just how many sick-o Illuminati sitcoms did we watch in the 60s and 70s? The Brady Bunch, Laverne & Shirley, Gilligan’s Island, Three’s Company.  The Brady Bunch always seemed pretty odd, but Ginger on Gilligan : Say it ain’t so!

Celebrities Needing Safe Space

A lot of celebrities needed a safe space from my tweets this year. Here’s just a small sample. Mark Dice reports.

Protect Us from Hollywood

Steve Pieczenik shares a story of Hollywood skullduggery from the days when he and Tom Clancy had scripts  they wanted to peddle.

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