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Bannon Departure No Biggie

Styxhexenhammer666 says he’s not surprised in the least by the departure of Steve Bannon as a White House advisor to President Donald Trump. Styx says Bannon already had said months ago he would be leaving to return to Breitbart News, and so, this departure might well have been planned as part of a larger strategy to help the president fight his enemies.


Trump Fights Back

The president keeps getting slammed by all of the usual opponents — Democrats and liberals, as well as their allies in the press, in Hollywood and on college campuses. The Fake News Media will not stop slandering President Trump, so the president fights back with a new video ad. Watch today’s Hot Mic to hear Bill Whittle’s take with guest Jeff Crouere.

Silent Coup

Rush Limbaugh discusses the silent coup that President Donald Trump has faced since the day he was elected. Who’s behind the coup? The deposed Democrats, of course, but also their lying media allies and Republican Never Trumpers. Then you have multinational corporations, who have been screwing America for decades now.

It’s time for all of us who supported President Trump to identify, unmask and expose every one of these worthless factions trying to undermine our election results. These losers can’t face the fact — they are losers. Time for them to get wise, or we’ll have to not just beat them again, but beat them to a pulp at the polls.



As evidenced this weekend, a civil war is brewing in this country, laying the foundation for a violent coup to take out Trump. Soros-funded NGO’s have been able to achieve regime change in other countries by quite literally teaming up with Neo-nazis and “moderate” terrorists. Now, investigative reporter Lee Stranahan reveals the same players involved in the Ukraine overthrow are working behind the scenes to oust President Trump. Stranahan’s YouTube channel has been removed off the Internet by the fascists at Google.

Weird to see so many dumbo American leftists and liberals marching in lockstep with a true Nazi like George Soros. That old Fascist bat needs to be imprisoned. He’s done enough damage to enough countries going back all the way to World War II.

Meanwhile, anyone else notice how Charlottesville happened the day of George Soros’ biurthday? Nice present he bought himself, funding this false flag event. Even the tiki torches carried by the supposed neo-Nazi protesters looked exactly like the torches always paraded around by Soros’ paid baboons in the Ukraine. And with Hillary’s State Department crony being the big credible “witness” on the scene at Charlottesville, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this was a phony, false-flag event.


Hillary Praises Her Mentor

How quickly Democrats forget. They are attacking President Donald Trump, yet they are the party that stood for slavery, the party that ran with the KKK, the party of Hillary Clinton’s mentor — Robert Byrd, the bigoted senator from West Virginia.

Imran Awan Indicted

Imran Awan, the former IT staffer for Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has been indicted for bank fraud. Altogether, he was indicted Thursday on four counts including bank fraud and making false statements. The indictment also includes his wife Hina Alvi. H.A. Goodman has the story.


Liberals Still Freaking Out

Van Jones on CNN cries over President Trump blaming both sides, and Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Jimmy Fallon and others looked like they were holding back tears. The liberal media freakout hasn’t been this bad since Hillary lost the election. When are these whining losers going to grow up? Mark Dice reports.

Next Big False Flag

They have to do it, and you know it and so don’t they. Be prepared. Don’t fall into the false sense of security. Richie from Boston reports.

Trump Bullying Me

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal claimed that President Trump is “bullying” him. Blumenthal appeared on CNN,  where he claimed that Trump was “weaponizing” the Department of Justice to go after leakers, prompting Trump to punch back at Blumenthal over Twitter. Trump ripped Blumenthal for falsely claiming to have served in Vietnam, calling the senator “a phony Vietnam con artist!” We concur: Blumenthal has never explained his lying about Vietnam. You have to wonder: What else might he be lying about?

Awan’s Big Fat Loan

Looks like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz pulled strings to compel a Congressional credit union to extend a large loan to Imran Awan, doing IT work for the DNC chairwoman. This is money that Awan and his wife promptly sent out of the country to Pakistan. Bill Still reports.


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