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If Hillary Had Won

Can you imagine the changes we would have seen if Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency instead of Donald Trump?  How many wars would we have already seen? How many more immigrants would be flooding the nation, draining federal resources? Think we would have seen tax relief, or a booming stock market or an economic recovery, or just more of the malaise that was ever-present everywhere for the full duration of Barack Obama’s term in office?

Here, Lionel Nation ponders the imponderable, and quotes from Sun Tzu: “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby, you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

Democrats Blaming Russians

The Democrats are already blaming the Russians for the party’s likely poor performance in the November midterm elections. But, more shockingly, Robert Mueller seems to be doing the same. Why would he be making such a blatant and obvious political statement? Styxhexenhammer666 asks and predicts a Republican gain of 2-4 seats in the Senate. He also believes the GOP will hold the House, although by a more narrow margin than today.

Strzok Escorted Out from FBI

Pete Strzok is escorted Tuesday from the FBI building. Lawyer for the anti-Trump FBI agent fires back against criticism, saying his client is not a conspirator but instead a patriot. Sure.

Comey Was Insubordinate

Four Things You Need To Know About the OIG FBI Report… 1. Comey Was Insubordinate 2. FBI Agent Was Willing to Influence Election 3. Five FBI Employees Referred For Investigation 4. FBI Leaks and Gifts From Media We break down some of the most important details from the report in this Reality Check with Ben Swann.

Democrats Skirt Impeachment

Democrats are now trying to scuttle any talk of impeachment. Why? President Donald Trump is riding a wave of popularity, with the economy soaring and his summit with North Korea improving the odds of peace. Far leftists in the Democrat Party are still hot to trot on impeachment, but the party leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, are suddenly silent on the subject and trying to backtrack. Dick Morris shares his thoughts.

Gibberish of the Anti-Trump Cult

Senator Chuck Schumer refers to Trump’s North Korea summit as ‘all cattle, no hat.’ Obviously, he’s talking gibberish. Greg Gutfeld analyzes.

Sorry, Libs! Bernie Is History

No, Progressives, Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee in 2020. The Democratic National Committee has already drafted new rules proclaiming any candidates Sanders’ age — 78 — are ineligible to receive the party’s endorsement. Styxhexnehammer666 recaps the full story.


GOP Ponders Ryan’s Removal

GOP members in the US House have had it with Paul Ryan as their Speaker. They are considering ways to forcibly remove Ryan ahead of his scheduled departure from Congress. He has irked GOP Representatives with his calls for greater amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Not too smart, Ryan. These illegals will not be voting Republicans and instead just pushing for Liberal Democrats who will provide sweeter benefits packages — benefits that everyday Americans will have to work hard to pay. Here, Martin Brodel discusses moves by the House to jettison Ryan, who has consistently been a thorn in the side to President Donald Trump.

Hypocritical Leftists

Steven Crowder dives into the top 5 issues and positions where Leftists fail to live what they preach. Did we miss any obvious examples?

Democrats Will Rue the Day

Democrats are talking plenty of trash these days, claiming they are going to stomp President Donald Trump and the Republicans in this fall’s mid-term elections. We don’t see it. Not only have Republicans ushered in a much brighter economy than President Obama ever managed for eight full years, but they have lowered taxes at the same time. Democrats claiming they are going to win –and proceed to raise taxes after they get into office —  are just pissing in the wind. Styxhexenhammer666 has more to say about the dynamics as the election starts to take shape.

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