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Pro-Pedophilia TED Talk

TED in Germany delivers a talk: “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change?” Looks like the child-molesting politicians in Europe are more actively pushing their agenda. We have warned to watch for this happening, and sadly, we were right. Time to identify and jail the pedophiles who are screwing, killing or otherwise harming kids.



Pedophile Trafficking Victim

Jennifer, a pedophile trafficking victim, calls into the Quite Frankly Show to discuss what happened to her. Her revelations are quite chilling, as she recalls what happened when she was young and forced to watch incidents of child sexual abuse and murder. She says these incidents happened in the New York City area, while she now lives in relative safety in Ireland. Hopefully, she woill resurface oin the show and we will learn more.

Why They Took Out Kate Spade

Destroying the Illusion analyzes the latest batch of Q posts. Most concern the Singapore summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un, but there’s also talk of the death of Kate Spade and questions about whether it was a suicide or a murder.

A Pizzagate Casualty?

The world reels in shock at the death of Celebrity Chef and CNN reporter Anthony Bourdain. Authorities rule it suicide. But evidence has emerged that Bourdain was about to expose an elite pedophile and child trafficking ring tied to the Clintons. Was Bourdain murdered? The shocking facts will be revealed as David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

Something Strange in Tucson

There is something very strange happening in Tucson. Is it a hoax, a cover up, a whitewash, a set up — or is it just the tip of the iceberg of a systemic problem that may involve some aspect of law enforcement – and other publicly supported institutions? We need to be careful not to be swayed by agent provocateurs while using discernment to continue supporting the honorable patriots among us who have sworn to help expose and end this horrific, systemic problem. More from the SGT Report.

#Pedogate Cover-up or Hoax?

It’s pretty clear what’s going on here, and the enemies of truth are showing their true colors. Instead of focusing on the message – that child sex trafficking is a very REAL and widespread problem in the United States and around the world – the focus is being placed on the messengers with every effort being expended to discredit the very people who are on the front lines in the fight for children. More from the SGTreport.

Craig “Sawman” Sawyers gives his final report on the alleged child sex trafficking site in Tucson. Sawyers is the former of Veterans for Child Rescue, the group that initially discovered the site to the west of Tucson. Sawyers says claims regarding the findings at the site have been blown out of proportion. He says Tucson police conducted exhaustive research and just did not uncover proof of children being detained or tortured. He believes some of the findings were either planted or altered in ways that shed a negative light on the whole site. In other words, it’s possible it was all a hoax.



Alefantis Connected to NXIVM

James Alefantis, owner of the Comet Ping Pong Pizza shop in Washington, D.C., has a close connection to VXIVM — the sex-cult. More from Random Rants of Ryan.

Weinstein Does Perp Walk

Harvey’s the tip of the iceberg. Notice how everything’s changed since the Feds said they were pursuing charges. What does that mean? It means that there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Trump. FBI and DOJ front liners want to burnish their image. Next, Epstein, Hillary Rodham Clinton, NXIVM, Weiner and Pedowood meet the Feds. Lional Nation explains.



Dedicated to Q-Anon

A believer. A follower, not a decoder. I don’t know when it started or why. I can’t tell you what’s the motivation behind denying #QAnon‘s influence and popularity. Or authenticity or legitimacy. Not sure why folks care who Q is, where Q’s from, if Q’s male or female or even a they. None of this is important. What is is the message, the motivation and the direction. This is a primer for those just joining the fray. I’m not a decoder, but a grateful member of the Conspiratorium. Grazie mille, #QAnon.

In light of the swirl of negative publicity surrounding Q-Anon, and the talk of exploited malware, here is Lionel Nation’s dedicated defense of Q and his followers.



Q-Anon Malware Scheme

Titus Frost charges that the Q Anon crew is pushing malicious spyware on the community to make money. The Q-Anon alerts app is a money-making Ponzi scheme that also data mines your phone and all the other app information. Delete it immediately. If true, it means that many diligent Q-Anon followers have been duped by a money-making operation.

Lift the Veil also has begun to challenge some of the activity surrounding Q-Anon as fraudulent. We are not going to argue that these naysayers are correct. They could be — in which case we have all been duped. Or they could be disinformation agents planted to spread lies at a time when Q-Anon is getting closer to the truth. Time will tell what’s really afoot.

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