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Kathy’s Crocodile Tears

The person that showed a depiction of holding the president’s head with blood on it now say’s she is a victim. Damn that. She’s no victim at all. She’s a bully. Press play to hear what the ladies — Diamond and Silk — have to say.

More Liberal Twitter Lunacy

The latest excuse liberals have come up with for why Hillary lost the election is that the Russians are helping Donald Trump’s tweets go viral by giving them more likes and retweets. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Leftist Loonies Out of Control

CNN refuses to report on Antifa after falsely portraying Trump supporters as violent during the 2016 election. After the attempted murder of House Majority whip Steve Scalise, will the mainstream media disavow and recognize their responsibility? Trump hysteria has consequences that we are experiencing right now.

The End of SJWs

Squatting Slav is a Serbian-Canadian YouTuber. His videos employ humor to expose the Left’s insanity, hypocrisy, and overall ridiculousness. Squatting Slav joins Red Ice TV to discuss his videos, Serbian history, European politics, and much more. To begin, Squatting Slav tells us about what prompted him to start a YouTube channel. We then consider Serbia, and the strong connection Squatting Slav feels with his ancestral homeland.

Shooter a Socialist Nutball

It’s now been confirmed. The Alexandria, Va., gunman who shot and wounded GOP House Whip Steve Scalise was James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois.  Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders-loving Socialist. Might explain why his aim sucked so badly.

The 66-year-old would-be assassin fired off some 50 shots, and while he wounded five people, none of them died. Federal security officials killed Hodgkinson at the scene, where Republicans were practicing for a baseball game.

Now, it’s appearing he might also be linked to the FBI and Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. Truth Warriors reports: “Tom Heneghan just reported to Stew Webb that James T. Hodgkinson has already been tied to FBI Division 5. There is also a Mossad overlay involved. Tom received this information from his sources in US Intelligence. Stew and Tom will have a complete show on this later this afternoon.”



Trump Stabbing Controversy

People are freaking out over a Shakespeare in the Park production in New York City showing a character resembling Donald Trump getting stabbed multiple times — a la JULIUS CAESAR. Several of the sponsors, including Bank of America and Delta Airlines, have pulled their support. Philip DeFranco takes a look at the controversy, and says he’s not so outraged, and doesn’t find it nearly as offensive as the Kathy Griffin flareup.

Tune Out, Stop Listening

Comedian Dennis Miller reacts to actor Robert De Niro’s comments during a commencement ceremony and Adam Carolla’s ‘No Safe Spaces’ movie.

Conservative “Lynch Party”

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks cherry picks extreme examples of the Republican fringe in a desperate attempt to attribute racism to conservatives. However, he fails to see that leftist extremism IS the DNC platform. Steven Crowder presents his case.

Demented Black Activist

Tucker Carlson invited BLM supporter Lisa Durden on his show and instantly regretted his decision. The extremely annoying and bigoted guest flaunted her extremist anti-white views and refused to engage in a civil manner before Tucker abruptly cut the interview short after calling her demented.

Griffin Complains of “Bullying”

Kathy Griffin and her lawyer Lisa Bloom are accusing the Trump family of bullying her in response to her posting photos of her “beheading” the President, in a stunt that stunned Americans and people around the world. Now Griffin is playing the victim, proving that she is completely mentally ill. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Judge Jeanine Pirro isn’t buying any of the nonsense that Griffin is pitching. The judge obliterates Griffin and especially her phony, self-serving apology.

Does Kathy Griffin need help? Yes, she needs a police officer to help her into his patrol car and then help her into her jail cell. Diamond and Silk share their thoughts.

Finally, here’s a former Secret Service agent who weighs in on Griffin’s actions. He says the agency will investigate, but he doubts she’ll go to jail. Still, he says the Left needs to take stock and tone down its emotionalism and violence as the public has grown weary of their irrational behavior.

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