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Google’s Obnoxious Experiment

The social engineers at Google keep getting more asinine and arrogant. We all know how they push their Leftist agenda. But now they are also talking about conducting mass behavior modification experiments upon us peons. Computing Forever takes a look at a leaked video that outlines where Google is headed. I’s becoming apparent: We’re all going to have to kno9ck these bastards down if we’re going to retain any hope to preserve our freedoms and our culture.

Progressives Whining Again

While the world was watching North Korea, progressives were whining as usual, this time attacking Chick-fil-a.  And while they were busy telling gay folks what nuggets they can and can’t eat, guess what Chick-fil-A was doing? Actually helping people. You know, as Christians tend to do. Brittany Hughes has more on her Reality Check Show.

Not Father’s Day Too

Is there a holiday that Liberals can enjoy? They go round and round attacking Thanksgiving and Columbus Day and even the Fourth of July. Of course, Father’s Day isn’t at all popular among the snob Liberal elites, either. Mark Dice has the details.

Philadelphia’s Droopy Eagles

They won the NFL Championship, but is there a more disgraceful team, or a more disgraceful city, than Philadelphia and its dumb, droopy Eagles? The NFL experienced a 25 percent drop in viewership last season because the clown players were more interested in making political points than actually playing the game. Now that the Eagles have shown that these bozos learned absolutely nothing, we’ll just have to keep up the boycott — and let the NFL experience another 25 percent drop in viewership. Fricking morons! Dan Bongino has more.

Liberal Whale Gets Blubbery

A fat, enraged Liberal student at Santa Clara University recently attempted to derail an anti-socialist event by harassing conservative students and damaging their property.

The Eyes Have It

Here’s a quick look at the Satanic body art — the Illuminati tattoos — worn by Asia Argento, the Italian filmmaker and former girlfriend of suicide victim Anthony Bourdain.

Bubba Goes After Obama

Bubba Bill Clinton has committed an unpardonable sin — attacking Obama on race and the media. Wow will the Left ever forgive him for his faux pas? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Sex Trafficking for Cult

Another shocking story of sex trafficking in the United States, this time involving a Hollywood actress arrested on charges of recruiting women to become sex slaves for a cult. The cult, operating as “self-help” business NXIVM, has connections to both Hollywood and political elite. This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else. With Ben Swann.


Look Who’s Back

Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Rachel Dolezal. Who’s she? Dolezal is the former head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash., accused of posing as a black and engaging in welfare fraud. Mark Dice reports.

Meanwhile, in related news, President Donald Trump this week posthumously pardoned the late heavyweight boxing champ Jack Johnson who was accused of violating the Mann Act. The act forbade the transport of women or girls across state lines for immoral purposes. Johnson was not a pimp or pornographer, just a man who liked white women in an era when that wasn’t acceptable to some parties. The Trump Mafia explains why President Trump likely initiated this pardon whereas Barack Obama never did.


Here We Go Again

Why is Sharita dressed like she’s about to go clubbing in the 1980s? She’s the latest black “celebrity” arrested by cops who made up a big cock and bull story trying to frame the police instead of accepting her own lack of responsibility. This is becoming so commonplace who’s ever going to believe these phony celebs? Mark Dice reports.

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