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Why I’m Suing UC Berkeley

A victim of leftist violence and her legal representative join Stefan Molyneux to discuss their extensive lawsuit against UC Berkeley, University of California Police Department, Berkeley Police Department and members of BAMN/Antifa related to last year’s Anti-Milo Yiannopoulos Riot. Molyneux’s guests are attorney William J. Becker Jr. and Katrina Redelsheimer.

Trump Driving Libs Crazy

The Stock market is at an all time high, jobs are coming back, but Democrats are going insane over Trump! Mark Dice reports.

Triggered by White People

Isn’t it time to give Santa Claus a rest? Why aren’t Christmas gifts delivered by a woman, say a big, fat, feminist woman? Hunter Avallone imagines the positive changes.



Trump Will Kill Gays

The View goes off the rails on Iran.  Joy Behar suggests the U.S. is on the verge of killing gays in the streets. She needs to check in with her psychiatrist. She’s not just a flaming liberal, she has lost her mind. From the Washington Free Beacon.

Lunatic Denial

Yes, there are still those who just can’t fathom a Trump presidency, who still wake up every day fantasizing that Hillary Clinton is in the White House. Styxhexenhammer666 opines about these unhealthy lunatics.

Triggered Liberal Lunatics

Will the liberal lunatics continue to spread their insane ideologies in 2017!? Here’s the top 10 Triggered Liberals Lunatics of 2017. Mark Dice reports.

The Transgender Agenda 1.0

A closer look at the transgender agenda, including its pagan roots and ties to secret societies.

The 10 Craziest SJWs

It’s been a wild year social justice warriors promoting their lunatic liberal ideas. Here’s the top 10 of 2017. Mark Dice reports.

Soros Has Heart Attack

Billionaire Leftist agitator George Soros has suffered a heart attack, supposedly on Christmas Eve in Hungary. That is his native country and he has been attempting to organize political activists there, although he is roundly opposed by the Hungarian government. We stand with them. Time for this bastard — the primary funder for the Antifa radicals — to go directly to jail. No more should he be permitted to terrorize governments that don’t bow to his Satanist whims.

Celebrity Meltdowns

Watch the top 10 celebrity meltdowns of the year. It’s been tough for Hollywood with President Trump in office. Mark Dice reports.

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