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Jones Confronts Leftist Boob

Alex Jones chases down a smack-talking liberal in Seattle and gets doused with coffee. We will give Jones credit: He not only is a lot faster than the smarmy Leftist but also more patient. Right or wrong, we would have just decked this blubbering imbecile.

Too bad so many Leftist cretins have taken up residence in Seattle. Washington used to be a nice state, but now it’s the pits, and home to morons.



Undercover in Hawaii

Steven Crowder goes “undercover” in Hawaii, one of the most aggressively liberal States in the Union, to expose some of the far Left policies a local activist group is currently pushing for.

Deep State Courting Jail

As time goes on,  it’s becoming much more clear that the Deep State in the US government has gone stark raving mad. The CIA, FBI and NSC officers who are threatening President Donald Trump and hinting they will overturn our democracy are not just traitorous. They must be jailed and forever removed from the government for their scandalous and blasphemous conduct. No one elected any of these idiots, and their education at Harvard or Yale certainly didn’t prepare them for government service. Dick Morris reports.

The Antifa Cringe

Enjoy the ANTIFA Cringe. Hopefully you make it…

Witness or Accessory?

Looks like Brennan Gilmore, one of the supposed witnesses to the Charlottesville events, has a history with the CIA. Suggests the government spooks are not yet done staging false flag events. When will they ever learn?

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller has released its exclusive video presenting a close-up view of the the crash scene. Seems the carnage got much worse after Antifa goons wielding bats attacked the careening motorist, leading to a fast, crazy, panicked exit.

Al Gore Getting Worse

CNN had a Town Hall meeting with Al Gore called “The Climate Crisis,” where he made even more predictions about the end of the world from global warming. Some people never learn. Mark Dice reports.

Celebrities Know What’s Best

Celebrities know what’s best for us regular folks. Let’s learn from their wisdom.See how many of these famous people are urging the rest of us to praise the lying scumbag John McCain.  What is it about this traitorous idiot that they find so appealing? Mark Dice reports.


Tap Down Campus Protests

Adam Carolla says the inmates are running the asylums as University administrations give in to dumb, intolerant, Leftist students. He tells Tucker Carlson that “college administrators need to tap down on campus protests.”

And, here is Adam Carolla again in his testimony before Congress on “safe spaces.”

Crowder on the Couch

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson crashed the show for a full hour to administer a personality test on Steven Crowder on love broadcast! Peterson also talks comedy, truth and creepy office paintings.

Why Can’t People See This?

In America, we have the freedom to protest political decisions we don’t like. But does that freedom extend to “crowds on demand,” to groups of protestors who are getting paid? And what about government agencies, ranging from the CIA to the military, who are getting involved in controlling public protests?

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