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Bill O’Reilly Online?

Where will Bill O’Reilly be going now that he’s no longer on Fox News? It’s looking like he might be copying the model of Glenn Beck from The Blaze and forming his own network online. Styxhexenhammer666 discusses why that’s the smart move for O’Reilly.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly himself hints as much in an exclusive interview with One America‚Äôs Patrick Hussion.

New Conspiracy Push

Having struck out on all of her previous conspiracy theories regarding President Trump, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow advances an entirely new wave of phony charges. These are totally new, except for the one thing they have in common with all of her earlier assertions: She’s totally talking out of her ass again, with zero evidence to back up anything she says. Hard Bastard lays out the new Madcow (oops, Maddow) spiel!


YouTube Busts Another Channel

YouTube is bringing down the hammer on the channel, HighImpactFlix, claiming it violates community standards. We have to disagree as HighImpactFlix is a channel from which we frequently draw. We have never found its videos to be offensive or violating community standards — or we wouldn’t carry them. You have to wonder what is wrong with YouTube, and the larger Google network, and why they are so keen to censor and control the news. Not a good sign for such a vast news outlet.


Censorship in the 21st Century

From search algorithm fine-tuning to social media shadow banning and filter bubble traps, this ain’t your granddaddy censorship. Join James Corbett for this thought for the day as he explores censorship 21st century style and what we can do about it.

Megyn Kelly’s Lame Broadside

Megyn Kelly’s attempt to use Alex Jones to boost her ratings fails, epically. Hard Bastard lays down the smack.

Styxhexenhammer666 also says he enjoys watching how Jones trolled Megyn Kelly. The legacy media, says Styx, is finding its audience dwindling, But instead of adjusting its content to try to appeal to a wider audience, including conservatives, NBC and its ilk just keep wasting time trying to discredit YouTube and alt-right media outlets that are stealing away viewers.


YouTube Extremism

What’s the line between YouTube Extremism and free speech? How much farther will YouTube go to demonetize videos the service doesn’t like? Philip DeFranco gets into these arguments, while also revealing threats he has received from fans of DaddyO5. It’s a popular YouTube channel built around a family where the parents appear to be not just pranking, but abusing their children.

Public Rejecting Media Crap

Guests on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC worry about the public’s changing attitudes toward the media. They proclaim it the worst crisis in American history, partly because the people consider the media their enemy. That’s because more of us are waking up, and coming to understand how national televisions shows are manufacturing the news, rather than reporting it. Hard Bastard offers the scoop.


Illuminati Symbols in Media

What exactly are the goals when the Illuminati put their symbols in plain sight? In this video we will examine the most common reasons for esoteric symbolism in the mainstream media.

CNN Lapses Again on Violence

CNN host Fareed Zakaria praises a Trump assassination plot in a play being put on in Central Park. The play depicts Donald Trump getting taken out.

CNN’s penchant for violence is really becoming a problem. Why should US airports be playing a cable news network that advocates assassinations? Why would any corporate sponsor want to be associated with that kind of extremism?

Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Vile, Violent Jesse Benn

Today, Hagbard Celine examines a Huffington Post article by Jesse Benn, human joke and man advocating for the shredding of the fabric of functioning democracy in favor of his temper-tantrum. Benn is the same idiot who issued a Tweet yesterday, saying, “Hahaha. As always, this one is my fault. And for the record, fuck .”

Well, screw you, Jesse Benn, you journalistic has-been. Actuality, you never were a legitimate journalist, just some mindless liberal cretin advocating violence and a truly degenerate brand of misogyny. Let’s hope you’re locked away soon in your own private jail cell because, the longer you’re out among real human beings, the sooner you’re likely to have your ass whupped upside of your ugly, twisted head.




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