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Q-Anon in Mainstream Media

Some of us have been following Q-Anon since October. Now, six months later, the mainstream media is finally picking up the news. Destroying the Illusion discusses the ramifications of that, as well as how face-swapping videos could lead to more fake news. Also in this edition: An anti-GMO activist dies in a swimming pool, the sickening amounts that top pharmaceutical companies pay editors, and how sex traffickers are using social media to target children.

In an update, Jordan Sather covers Barbara Bush’s death at the age of 92. Did she just die, or has she been dead for quite a while? Also, why is Trump receiving sports jerseys with the number “17” on them, the number signifying the letter Q? Interesting, because Sather discusses  many Q-Anon-related posts and possible military strikes, the large number of military plane crashes recently and a VP of Welles Fargo dying after she was “sucked out” from a Southwest Airlines plane.

Google Is Always Listening

Does Google and Facebook listen in and record conversations and audio even when they’re not open? I perform a live test on google to discover whether google listens to my microphone even when my browser is turned off to target its advertisements better.

Zuckerberg Exposed

Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg faced dozens of politicians — and a worldwide television audience — to answer questions on how Facebook handled user data and privacy. More from Stefan Molyneux.

Once again the mainstream media is ignoring the very fact we may be going into World War 3. This time their talking about Mark Zuckerberg, who ironically enough has been leaking information and censoring many alternative media channels or political commentators on the right. Ashton Birdie reacts.

Bullsh*t Man Vs. CNN

Talking all things CNN and their latest SJW-filled piece on Honduran Migrant Trannies, George Soros’ new business venture, Argentinian police fails, endangered reptiles, and the return of Bullsh*t Man! In this episode of Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro stops by to talk Paul Ryan and FBI Raids, and the Hodge Twins stop by for their usual shenanigans.

Buzzfeed Takes Slap at Styx

Buzzfeed has taken a swipe at Styxhexenhammer666, recycling a Wall Street Journal hit piece that referenced him without fact-checking it. Says Styx, “Totally false: Recommended videos are usually from priority creators, not people like me; I manage to do well despite being at a significant and opaque disadvantage. Also, rationalwiki is not a proper source for your reality”

Fake Fake News

Yes, we’ve been told that fake news is extremely dangerous to our fake democracy. Is is really, or is the mainstream media just sad because they are losing the trust of the American public. Truthstream Media delves into the debate.

This Is Ridiculous

April Ryan, White House reporter for the American Urban Radio Networks, asks Press Secretary Sarah Sanders whether President Donald Trump has “thought about stepping down.” We wonder when was the last time Ryan thought about stepping down? Anyone as biased and Leftist as her has no business whatsoever calling herself a journalist. She is a propagandist, pure and simple. Of course, CNN brought her on immediately as a guest. Mark Dice reports.

Is Facebook Politically Neutral?

Sen. Ted Cruz posed that question Tuesday to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the senator grilled Zuckerberg about Facebook’s business practices. Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook is politically neutral. But we all know that is nothing but a lie, as every one of the Internet social media platforms — not just Facebook, but also Google, YouTube and Twitter — have been flagrantly censoring conservatives for months now.

Here, Lindsay Graham interviews Zuckerberg about Facebook as a monopolistic platform.

MSNBC Loses Their Minds

After getting overshadowed by the Cartoon News Network, MSNBC decided to up the crazy quotient, fantasizing about President Donald Trump hiding inside the White House, barricading himself from federal marshals. One wonders: How many Americans need to dump their cable subscriptions before these networks start reporting the news more impartially and drop the Liberal baloney. Just how extreme and crazy are they going to get? Mark Dice has more.

Fighting YouTube Censorship

What was Nasim Aghdam’s motivation? Apparently, YouTube censorship. The Truth Factory looks at how YouTube and its Leftist media cronies are now trying to erase Nasim from the Internet because they don’t want to look like bad eggs and especially negative, money-grubbing, censor-prone outfits.

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