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Get Me Roger Stone

Roger Stone joins Milo Yiannopoulous to promote an event that are staging in central Florida. They have some fun dressing as each other!


World’s Safest Homes

What do the White House, Buckingham Palace and Bill Gates’ home have in common? They are among the world’s 10 most heavily guarded residences. Take a look and see the world’s most heavily protected homes and learn how they guard against intruders.


Mysteries in Famous Paintings

As you know, art is not just a source of inspiration but a great mystery too. Artists often add unique little details to their paintings or leave messages that are impossible to notice at first glance.Here are 10 great mysteries hidden in famous paintings.

It’s a Dog’s Life

We saw a dog holding a sign for a local burger joint while walking around in Huangpu village. It would walk up and down the pier showing the sign to everyone. When someone was taking pictures, the dog would stop and point the sign towards them. So cute!

The Left Can’t Meme

Did you know the left can’t meme? Google knows…Anyway enjoy this compilation of libtard fails.

Time Traveler Donald Trump

For everyone who is as autistic as me saying that “kek” comes from World Of WarCraft, you are not wrong. But actually it originated in StarCraft from Korean players. “Kekekeke” is equivalent to our “hehehehe.” Blizzard made both WOW and Starcraft and so they made the horde say KEK as an homage to Starcraft

Someone also pointed out that Tesla was ethnically Serbian not Croatian and they were right, however he was born in what would be considered Croatia today. Sorry, I try to get as much right as I can and sometimes I slip up as I am just one cat.

The Last Super Kmart

Channel Bugaloo visits “the eighth wonder of the world:” the last standing Super Kmart. Honestly if you don’t shop at Kmart, you’re missing out.


Women Try Manspreading

Why do men “manspread’? Real women experience the every day discomfort men do on public transit. Steven Crowder reports.

Racist Geography: A Rebuttal

A thorough rebuttal to Youtube pundit ‘Superwoman’s’ ironically racist video “Geography for Racists”. Full of bad jokes and even poorer ideas, Steven Crowder breaks down every fallacy to be found.

Isis Will Find Goat Irresistible

In this episode of The ISIS Hunting Show we demonstrate the penetration sensitive, high explosive, anti-personnel goat AKA the IEG decoy.

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