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Proof Feminists Are Losing

It’s Cultural Appropriation Month! Join us each week on Louder with Crowder as we traverse the globe learning and appreciating all the beautiful cultures. Tonight, we honor Israel! Tune in as we debunk the Forbes top 100 athletes feminist backlash, Samantha Bee’s fake apology and more. Governor Mike Huckabee and Razorfist stop by to discuss the week’s top news stories!

5 Racist Terms That Aren’t

Steven Crowder debunks 5 “racist terms” that have no basis on racism at all! Did we miss any?

Chinese Magic Mirrors

Chinese Magic Mirrors are made of bronze. On the back will be a design in relief – in this case the Chinese Signs of the Zodiac. The front of the mirror is smooth and polished, and works well as a mirror.

If you didn’t know, you might just think it was a metal mirror. However if you shine a light onto the front surface of the mirror, and project the reflected light onto a blank surface, you will see an image. Normally the image is the same as the design on the back of the mirror, although not always.

Looks Like a Refill Needed

Ever wonder how to refill a milk cartoon in an office? This woman settled upon an ingenious idea. You have to wonder what they pay in that office? For a job, that is. A handjob or blowjob.

Unbelievable Home Locations

We’ve seen wonderful lists of the most creative, bizarre and quirky houses and they’re truly a marvel to see, but today it’s all about location, location, location! We put on our hiking boots, pack our backpacks and go traveling to some of the strangest places on earth where people have built their homes.

Chick-Fil-A Scares Liberals

Want to make sure you don’t run into any mentally retarded Liberals at your next lunch date? Just go to Chick-Fil-A, where the chicken sandwiches scare the beejezus out of Liberals. You have to wonder about these morons — belittling a restaurant chain like Chick-Fil-A for espousing conservative ideals, while at the same time, Liberals want to bring Muslims into the country who would kill everyone else and destroy our freedoms. Mark Dice ponders.

Is This Japan?

The eye of the camera is determining what you see and what you do not see, whether you know it or not. Don’t let the media frame your understanding of the world…or at least be conscious of the fact that they are framing the world for you. Oh, and enjoy these images of the sunny climes of western Japan from The Corbett Report’s 2009 Video Archive DVD!

They Just Couldn’t Help It

The Winter Olympics concluded Sunday, and everyone seemed ecstatic, except Liberals. They were busy as usual grousing about everything not going their way. Mark Dice reports.


What Is Hate Speech?

How should “hate speech” be defined, and should it be regulated? We went to the campus of USC to ask college students, who are on the front lines of America’s free speech battles.

Diamond & Silk: 2018

Listen up! Here are Diamond & Silk’s fabulous forecasts for 2018.

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