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A Huge Win For Free Speech!

Patreon thought they could get away with arbitrarily banning people they don’t like from their platform and now they had over 100 sue them…and they lost! Fans of the comedian Owen Benjamin initiated the lawsuit, but fans of many other banned conservative pundits and commentators followed suit, including Sargon of Akkad and Lauren Southern.

Great to see American courts withholding justice and siding against Patreon. This discriminatory Leftist outfit from Silicon Valley was no different than the Jim Crow racists of yesteryear, attempting to arbitrarily apply laws to discriminate against a class of individuals who didn’t share the perverted values of Patreon or its smug founder and CEO Jack Conte. More from The Quartering.

Tim Pool says this ruling could open a legal avenue to defend against deplatforming. Patreon could be on the hook for millions of dollars. The 100-plus Owen Benjamin fans involved in the initial action could all receive as much as $10,000 per arbitration. Patreon tried to take advantage of content creators. Now, let those Leftist greaseballs pay through the nose.


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