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The Bannon-Trump Feud

Gavin McInnes gets into the insanity surrounding the Bannon-Trump feud. It all originates with a new book by Michael Wolff, a journalist with the Hollywood Reporter, widely known for fabricating quotes. Wolff’s new book features Steve Bannon speaking in derogatory terms toward the Trump administration. Trump has fired back, but McInnes wonders if perhaps the outrage isn’t overdone, seeing as how Wolff is such a sleazy low-life and slimeball, and could have just invented the quotes.

Lionel Nation also weighs in on the tiff. Nation says Trump loves hating not only Bannon, but everyone and anyone who crosses him or the Trump family. Sounds crass, but the end result could be good. Like Reagan, could be that many foes come to fear Trump so much that they never seek to cross him or the United States.


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