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Where’s the Hangup?

David Seaman asks the question that many of us are starting to wonder:Why hasn’t the Trump administration begun to round up the pedofiles who proliferated in the Obama administration? The Wikileaks emails showed vast amounts of corruption, and Trump ran on a campaign to drain the swamp. But now that he’s in office, he’s noodling around, even as his enemies step up their harangues calling for his impeachment.

No more 4D chess. Those of us who supported Trump now want to see him follow through and take high-ranking pedofiles like John Podesta off the streets.

Meanwhile, Dave Zubrick says it’s premature to feel any panic, pointing out that there have been some 3,500 pedofile arrests since President Trump took office. That’s 3,500 arrests in six months, whereas only some 400-500 child molesters per year were arrested while Obama was in office. So we are seeing a 10-fold to 20-fold increase in the number of arrests.

Why haven’t any of the big fish been nabbed yet — those in Congress, for instance, or major political leaders or Hollywood bigwigs?  Is it because cases are being built, or because those individuals yield more power — and won’t be arrested? Time will tell what’s happening.



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