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Russian Tales Backfiring

Polls are showing that the Democrats’ fake Russian tales are gaining no traction. The public has seen enough and doesn’t buy the stories. They aren’t at all credible or believable, just phony charges being flung by the losing party to try to damage President Donald Trump. Dick Morris explains.

Bill Still has more, showing how the Russian lawyer embroiled in the dustup with Donald Trump Jr. was actually a spy working for Obama and Clinton. Notice how quickly the name of Natalia Veselnitskaya disappeared from the news? That’s because she was so easily exposed as a Democratic plant. The Democrats have no shame. But the public is starting to realize they are flat–out dishonest and fraudulent.

Finally, Judge Jeanine Pirro devoted the opening of her show Saturday to a discussion on the mound of fake news surrounding Russia. The fact is: The press has become such routine and regular liars on Russia that it’s becoming hard to believe anything they ever say or report. Judge Jeanine also tears into Congress, especially those Republicans attacking Trump following years in which they demurely sat back while Obama, Clinton and the Democrats pilloried the nation.






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