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Can’t Cuck the Tuck

Neo-con Ralph Peters tries to debate Tucker Carlson on Syria, and ends up on the short end of the argument. Peters’ problem: Like so many of the neo-cons, he has been arguing for years calling for American involvement in the Middle East but seems to have no real plan and also to favor bizarre alliances, including going soft on Isis.

Sorry,  Isis might be the friend of the neo-cons, but the average American rightfully despises these terrorists and all who support them. So, get lost, Peters. Go wag the dog somewhere else.

Most of us have seen you in action for many years now, and have come to realize you are just a shrill warmonger. There will be no end to the wars you propose and wish to start. You will have our soldiers fighting endlessly, every decade for the next century — and none of it will make any sense or serve any purpose whatsoever to benefit our nation.

And speaking of disgraceful neo-cons, can U.S. Sen. John McCain get any more condescending toward those who voted for President Donald Trump? Hey, McCain, there’s one significant difference between you and the Donald. You’re not just a loser, but a horribly skanky one. Time for you to retire from the Senate, or be kicked out by the voters.



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