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Milo Marches on CNN

Media gadfly Milo Yiannopoulos leads a “Hands Up Don’t Dox” march on the Time Warner complex in New York. Time Warner, of course, is the overseer of the disrespected cable news network CNN. In his first public appearance in quite some time, Milo also revealed he has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Simon & Schuster for pulling his deal on the proposed book DANGEROUS. He said the publishing house caved to pressure from “liberal media.”

Meanwhile, Styxhexenhammer666 says CNN is dying. Its ratings are nosediving. Its being slammed in the App Store, and CNN advertisers are getting lots of calls from annoyed citizens. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Keep it up and let’s see if this bleedy-heart liberal channel will make any effort whatsoever to reform or to begin telling the truth.



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