Call Me Stormy

Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

Hollywood’s Message to Trump

The hysterical anti-Trump media has blood on its hands as Hollywood’s twisted crusade to destroy President Donald Trump begins to radicalize leftists into cold-blooded killers.

Hey, Mickey Rourke, you bloated pile of buffalo dung! You fashion yourself a wrestler and boxer. How about you mosey on over to Stormy territory, and we’ll kick your sorry ass, but good. ES&D, you worthless punk.

Same goes for you, Robert DeNiro. What a strong start to his career back in the days of TAXI DRIVER, but he’s now a certified loser, operating on autopilot for several years running. He’s not only a boring and atrocious actor, but obviously, his political instincts have not advanced beyond a grade school playground. This is not an intellectual we’re talking about — maybe a rat-catcher, or someone who ought to be cleaning toilets.



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