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Podesta On Police Board

A new video from Titus Frost. He reports: “In this video I first go over the fact the Heather Podesta the Wife of Tony Podesta is on the Washington DC Police Foundation Board. This is a massive conflict on interest in the Seth Rich Murder investigation, the lack of investigation into PizzaGate and the investigation of Shawn Lucas.

“Also covered is the DC Police Chief Newsham is a completely corrupt and awful officer. He should not even be on the force, he actively took part in the cover up of the rape on an 11 year old girl. He beat his wife, and got so drunk he passed out on a sidewalk with his Police revolver on him. Newsham is obviously not the type of person you want running a Police department or even on the force, if I ran the MPD he would have been fired a long time ago.

“At the end I cover the connections between the Rothschild Family and this entire scandal. Lynn Rothschild is 100% connected to all the persons of interest. Also James Alefantis who was multiple voter id’s strangely, owns the same apartment as a Rothschild.”

Here is the Zombie Koolaid video on James Alefantis’ multiple voting addresses, places not only owned by David Brock but also a Rothschild.

Finally, James Alefantis has been tied to the DNC appointed spokesperson who has attacked investigators for asking questions about Seth Rich’s death. Bauman is connected to James through Alefantis’ former boyfriend, Democratic strategist David Brock. Brock is on the board of directors for a foundation run by Bauman.

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