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Obama Spied on Supreme Court

Think that’s far-fetched? Well, that’s exactly what the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believed, and what Scalia told Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News. Said Napolitano, “Justice Scalia told me that he often thought the court was being surveilled. And he told me that probably four or five years ago…If they had to unmask Senator Paul’s name to reveal a conversation he was having with a foreign agent and the foreign agent was hostile to the United States they can do that. That’s not what he’s talking about. They’re talking about unmasking him when he’s having a conversation with his campaign manager when he’s running in the Republican primary.”

If this is true, then President Obama not only committed high crimes akin to those orchestrated by the disgraced President Richard Nixon, but Obama raised the stakes even higher with a degree of criminality we’ve never seen coming from the White House before. It’s not only time to call Obama to testify before Congress, but also to open a full investigation into the death of Justice Scalia.

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