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Clinton Spook Put to Work

As more information leaks out about the wiretapping of presidential candidate Donald Trump, it’s now looking like the FBI  was paying Christopher Steele, the British spy operative also working for Hillary Clinton. Very strange indeed.

It’s too early to say, but what we are seeing unravel now does seem far worse than Watergate. This is not just one or two higher-up Washington officials getting caught engaging in shenanigans, but a bigger scandal involving collusion between a multitude of officials to defraud and manipulate the American public and our electoral system.

No doubt, former President Barack Obama has maneuvered everything around enough that he won’t go to jail. It will be underlings who take the rap. Still, the former president and the Democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, have shown themselves to be not just dirty, but despicably so.  It will be a long time before the Democrats are trusted handling any level of government.

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