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Get It, Satanist Bitch

President Trump taunts Hillary Clinton by standing next to Hillary’s portrait in the White House in a room full of schoolkids — and throwing open his arms like ‘Bring It On!’

Under heavy fire from the Deep State’s favorite puppets (Obama/Hillary), Trump already launched his first counterattack by announcing Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign — to help Hillary win the election.

That election was rigged for her, but Hillary still lost — under allegations of illegal behavior involving John Podesta and Anthony Weiner. But now, Trump is under seige and his nominees (Flynn; Sessions) keep getting sabotaged.

So today, what are the odds of Trump staging a photo op at this particular spot — inches from Hillary’s official White House portrait? Even more telling, what are the odds of Trump combining that Hillary painting with a room full of schoolkids?

Is Trump’s behavior a coded message? A warning by Trump, telling Hillary (and Soros) to back off their “Purple Revolution” attacks on America — or else get arrested for illegal acts involving minors?

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