Call Me Stormy

Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

Keep Trumping the Media

Razorfist has got it right. The best part of the Trump presidency so far is watching him burn and blow away the idiots in the media. These ham-hock liberals are so biased — and so stupid — that he’s easily staying not just two or three, but sometimes four or five steps ahead of them.

The other thing that’s enjoyable: Watching so many Satanist assholes squirm. All the ugly, flamethrowing witches on the planet aren’t going to save these child rapists and murderers from meeting their just doom.

Nanny, nanny, nincompoops! You’re going down Chuckie Schumer. John McCain. Tim Kaine. Lindsay Graham.

We don’t like your shoes, your socks or the scowls on your ugly mugs. You all deserve to be knocked out and ridiculed, same as we took down the Devil Bitch herself. Now she can relax in retirement, wandering the backwoods of New York, licking Moloch’s butt, before meeting her inevitable fate, burning an eternity in Hell.



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