Call Me Stormy

Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

The Dulce Alien War

Remembering the life of a marked man, who some believe made the ultimate sacrifice, exposing a shadow elite and an alien agenda of control and conquest. We also explore the possibility of a hidden coded message from beyond the grave.

And here is the last recorded talk by the late Phil Schneider, a retired US government geologist, discussing his days building deep underground bases for the government – over 131 in the USA, one mile or more down, the involvement with alien technology, samples of elements up to atomic #140 are shown. The advanced stealth technology involves the use of alien metals.

This is the last known video made of Phil Schneider while he was still alive. It was made in November 1995. He was found dead less than two months later. He talks about his days building underground bases for the US government and grey aliens.


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