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Pence Forced the Resignation

If you’re like most of us, you probably are having a hard time figuring out why President Donald Trump let his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resign. Why give any ammunition whatsoever to the crazed loons in the left-wing media — all mouthpieces for the Democratic Party?

Veteran YouTube commentator Styxhexenhammer666 offers as plausible a theory as any we’ve read regarding the resignation. Apparently, Trump had little to do with it. Instead Flynn’s Russia calls raised the dander of Vice President Mike Pence, who believed Flynn was usurping Pence’s authority. Sounds believable, but also dumb.

The resignation has brought out all of the expected scheming dingbats  — like Hillary Clinton and John McCain — to chortle about the incompetency of the incoming administration. McCain was quoted as saying, “It’s a dysfunctional White House, and nobody knows who’s in charge.”

At least we can say you’re not in charge, Mr. McCain, and what a blessing that has proven to be. Hard to imagine a more devious scoundrel potentially occupying the White House. Except for Hillary,  who set new low standards in 2015 as the biggest liar and money-grubber ever to run for president.


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