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Florida Bridge Collapses

A bridge serving Miami’s Florida International University collapsed Thursday, injuring multiple people, killing some and crushing several cars. The bridge had been built on an accelerated timescale and was only completed hours before it fell apart. The FIU engineers were so sure it would last 100 years and withstand a Cat 5 Hurricane! Didn’t even make it an entire week. Tragic!

Only Trump Can Tame N. Korea

President Donald Trump has succeeded where other presidents have failed — in taming North Korea. What are the secrets to his success? How about toughness combined with a touch of madness. Dick Morris reports.

Hillary is Really Losing It

Republicans can rejoice. Hillary Clinton just cannot shut up — or stop sliding down stairs, or falling onto curves. Her entertainment value is priceless. And while Democrats are always acting like they are smarter than Republicans,  how could anyone with half a brain vote for a corrupt nitwit like Hillary? Ben Shapiro dissects the obvious.

Mass Shootings, Antidepressants

When it comes to the debate over mass shootings in America, why does the discussion always go toward tougher gun laws? And yet, we are not talking about the role of antidepressants and other psychiatric medication.

The truth? The connection between mass shooters and these meds is stunning. Ben Swann reports.

CIA’s Pompeo Becomes New SOS

T-Rex Tillerson is leaving his role as secretary of state, with Deep State CIA Spook Director Mike Pompeo assuming the role. POTUS Trump announced the changeover Tuesday, citing disagreements on Iran with the former Exxon Mobil CEO inter alia. Lionel Nation shares the news.

John Cardillo of explains why he’s glad Trump fired Rex Tillerson and replaced him with Mike Pompeo.

Epic Fact Check

How does CNN perform fact checking? It spins the news, by regurgitating everything through its own revolving washer. Look for Facebook to follow suit. Mark Dice reports.

Emails from My Unicorn

Can the Democrats get any ‘Bat-Schiff Crazier”? The Democrats have destroyed their brand for years…if not generations to come. They have no coherent policies on ANYTHING. Yet they keep doubling down on EVERYTHING. Here’s the latest edition of Intellectual Froglegs from Joe Dan Gorman with a special guest appearance by the cartoonist A.F. Branco.

10 Myths about Federal Debt

Myth 1 is that the government owes “only” $20 trillion. (In reality, it’s much more.) But luckily, Myth 10 is that there’s no way to fix this problem… Prof. Antony Davies from Duquesne University explains in this Learn Liberty segment.

The Seven Revenges

Here’s the pivotal dance scene from THE SEVEN REVENGES, a sword and sandal epic made in Italy in 1961. The dancer is Bella Cortez, a Cuban like the more famous peplum dancer from the 1950s and 1960s: Chelo Alfonso. Cortez only made 11 pictures, nearly all of them peplum releases, including THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS and THE SEVEN TASKS OF ALI BABA.

Trump Destroying Regulations

The president’s first year of slowing down regulations shattered previous records. But will politics and legislative inaction stall things from here? Reason TV reports.

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