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Hillary Needs Reality Check

A study conducted this week by Rasmussen showed a majority 61 percent of polled Americans said that it is time for Hillary to retire. Now, unable to let her embarrassing loss go, she is now going on a book tour and sobbing to the ladies on the View and whining to every brokenhearted reporter who’ll listen to her. Let’s give her a little, or maybe a whole heaping helping, dose of reality.

Rising Debt Will Bring Woe

John Stossel reports, “Now that Trump’s made a deal with Democrats, our national debt is higher than ever. Democrats and most Republicans got spending they wanted, plus suspension of the debt limit. Trump got hurricane Harvey relief spending that he wanted.

“But this is a bad deal for us taxpayers and everyone’s children. Our debt now exceeds the value of everything that America produces in a year. Soon, warns economist Ed Stringham, we’ll be like Greece; forced to make sudden cuts because we cannot borrow more to finance our spending addiction.”

The Swamp Keeps Growing

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says his group is releasing more information that uncovers just how corrupt and unresponsive our federal government has become. But no one seems to be following up with any prosecution. The State Department and FBI seem to be the same as they were under the Obama administration — big, backward, corrupt agencies that aren’t doing anything at all to protect the interests of the American public. Instead, they are all just looking out for the scammers and the schemers.

Here, Fitton discusses New Clinton/Abedin emails, the ongoing Obama IRS scandal coverup, Obama/Trump travel numbers and the amnesty debate. Wish we could say we see some progress occurring, but it just appears the swamp is just as big and ferocious as ever, with little signs the public will ever be honestly served in Washington.

South Park Does Charlottesville

South Park opened its new season and it looks like the show has sharpened its wit and once again is becoming more outspoken in defending middle-class Americans who are losing power. We’ll see as the season progresses…


Moral Core of a Jellyfish

Judge Jeanine Pirro delivers a fiery monologue, attacking the lying and mendacious Hillary Clinton, who Pirro says has the moral code of a jellyfish. One thing is for certain: The election defeat hasn’t improved Clinton’s self-awareness one iota. She’s still a conniving, devil worshiper who should be jailed and no longer allowed to prowl around the countryside, spouting her venom.

Obviously, we were all mistaken when we believed the Trump administration might actually be for the common good. But everything could be worse: We could have Clinton, the ugly bitch, now occupying the White House and reigning down more terror on our democracy. No thank you!

Red-Hot Liar Susan Rice

Susan Rice lied about unmasking Trump campaign staff members. The media lauds her, but Hard Bastard takes a more critical approach to the conniving snake.

The Hippie Dictatorship

Brendan O’Neill discusses one of the strange truths of our time: How did the hippies turn so dictatorial and tyrannical? They once celebrated free speech but now they are quick to tar and feather anyone who opposes them. They are not only one-dimensional, they are often lazy and stupid. Let’s take a look at the authoritarian Left and what can be done to derail these “liberals.”


Charges Expected in IT Scandal

Michelle Malkin, of Michelle Malkin Investigates on, with the latest on the IT scandal surrounding Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.). Malkin says she expects charges to be filed in the case soon.

Of course, if you watch CNN, you would never know — because CNN has been conspicuously ignoring this story involving high-level corruption on the part of the Democratic Party’s highest officials.  What you get on CNN is what they think you deserve — fake news!

Meanwhile, a police report indicates Democrat IT Aide planted Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s laptop for investigators to find, the Daily Caller reports. Was she framed? And if so, who ultimately was behind it? Luke Rosiak and Sara Carter appear on Hannity.

What She Should Have Written

Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened doesn’t tell us what happened at all! Chad Prather, the Political Cowboy, offers his take on the book she should have written instead. Be sure to follow Political Cowboy on Facebook and visit

Meanwhile, when Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC to promote the book, the interview was interrupted for some breaking news on a baby panda bear sneezing. Seriously. The MSNBC staff does take its news most seriously. Mark Dice reports.

Ben Shapiro Vs. Berkeley

Steven Crowder talks all things Betsy Devos and Title IX, transgender Instagram stars, legal monkey battles, racist baseball banners, Ben Shapiro and Berkeley and more! Dave Rubin and Roaming Millennial guest, Owen Benjamin, stop by for some shenanigans.

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