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Mass Exodus from Illinois

Every state surrounding Illinois — Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan — has experienced population gains over the past six or seven years. Why? Because folks are fleeing Illinois and its outrageous crime and tax increases.

Since the start of the current decade, Illinois has lost nearly 700,000 people. Illinois has dropped to sixth largest state in population, surrendering No. 5 to Pennsylvania. That’s bad news if you live in Illinois, but what’s worse: The trend is accelerating.

What Is Your TDA Account?

Wondering what a TDA Account is? Why is there a really tiny print on your Social Security card where you sign? What’s that tiny print on your checks? Maybe you should take a look at what you’re signing and why. April LaJune reports.

Will California Split in Two?

Dick Morris discusses a move by rural counties of California, that want to break away from Los Angeles, San Francisco and other Liberal strongholds along the coast and form a new state. They are calling the region “New California,” and while it encompasses most of the land mass of the state, only about 10 or 15 percent of the population. Still, the new state would be quite sizable and represent some 4-6 million people, depending how it is configured.

Styxhexenhammer666 looks at the New California movement. He gives it a slim chance to succeed. More likely, disenchanted California Republicans will continue to leave and resettle in more prosperous Western states, like Texas.

Greg Gutfeld discusses the proposed split with his quests Saturday, including Alan Dershowitz. Gutfeld supports the New California movie, but his guests aren’t as convinced the idea has merit.

Storm Has Already Passed

Dr. Steve Pieczenik says the storm has already occurred. The former State Department psychologist charts how military and intelligence officials worked behind the scenes to thwart Hillary Clinton and to stop the Bush family — as both the Clintons and Bushes were deemed destructive to the United States. In other startling news, he reveals that Obama’s mother was a CIA agent working in Indonesia to thwart the Russians. Quite informative and lively interview.

Bombshell Could Sink Mueller

A long-awaited bombshell classified document was dropped on Congress that has Democrats scurrying for the shadows and Republicans calling for its release to the public in its totality. To sum it up, here in what it means: How long has this report been using the term coup? I’d have to look back to see, but I believe we were the first to do so. Bill Still reports.

Fox News contributor and investigative journalist Sarah Carter says the explosive FISA memo could be released as early as this week. Carter appeared on Fox and Friends Sunday morning to discuss the memo.

This Is Not a Joke!

 You may think this is a joke, but it’s not. And it’s not supposed to be funny either, but it is. See how Newsweek, the once respectable news magazine, has now turned into an online fiasco. Mark Dice reports.

The Aziz Ansari Controversy

NBC series “Parks and Recreation” and Netflix series “Master of None” actor Aziz Ansari was recently accused of sexual misconduct by an anonymous woman and claims of hypocrisy by the court of public opinion due to his insistent male feminist proclamations.

Stefan Molyneux is joined by Owen Benjamin,  a popular comedian and the host of the “Why Didn’t They Laugh?” podcast.

Why I’m Suing UC Berkeley

A victim of leftist violence and her legal representative join Stefan Molyneux to discuss their extensive lawsuit against UC Berkeley, University of California Police Department, Berkeley Police Department and members of BAMN/Antifa related to last year’s Anti-Milo Yiannopoulos Riot. Molyneux’s guests are attorney William J. Becker Jr. and Katrina Redelsheimer.

Women Have Ruined Star Wars

Star Wars, perhaps the most popular movie series of all times, has lost audience appeal ever since the franchise was acquired by the Disney network. Milo Yiannapoulos says the cause of the decline is simple: Disney has lost sight of the things that made Star Wars popular, instead trying to fit the series smugly within Disney’s politically correct Liberalism.

Republicans Have the Edge

We’ve all seen numerous reports saying the Democrats are going to retake the House in the 2018 mid-term elections. Not so fast! Dick Morris believes the opposite holds true and says the Republicans have the edge going into the election.

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