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Our Secretive Government

How many deep, underground command centers does our government operate? Truthstream Media takes a look at our secretive government, focusing on its buried bases and command centers.

The Winning CNN Meme

Watch the winner of the Infowars’ $20,000 contest to produce a meme addressing CNN and its broadcast of fake news. With a tip of the hat to THE MATRIX….

How to Make a Fidget Spinner

Gavin McInnes gets a bright idea: He’ll save money if he makes his own fidget spinners for his son. Watch as McInnes embarks on the woodworking project of the century!

Female Action Heroes Suck

With Atomic Blonde (female 007) hitting the theaters, female action heroes are all the 2017 rage! But what would reality for these “female bad asses” really look like? Steven Crowder breaks it down with some simple experiments and common sense.

Southern Slapped by Patreon

The leftist media agents keep proving they have literally no commitment to free speech. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and now Patreon have shown themselves all too inclined to ban or censor conservatives while pushing the leftist agenda. Now, Lauren Southern reports she has been banned by Patreon. What a pitiful letter those phonies wrote to her. It’s time for conservative alternatives to all these lame media institutions.

Wikileaks Confirms Pedogate

Plain as day what’s going on when you analyze all the emails, despite the horrific implications. And every day the administration keeps all these high-level people seemingly free from investigation and incarceration- how many more children might get Ubered over to John Podesta’s place in the meantime?

President Greets Boy Scouts

A crowd of 45,000 goes wild and salutes President Donald Trump at the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. The Boy Scouts not only cheered the president but also chanted “U-S-A!” President Trump’s visit stands in contrast with former President Obama, who skipped making any appearances at the Boy Scout Jamboree. Figures, Obama being a leftist shyster!


Diversity on Game of Thrones

In this episode, Steven Crowder is talking all things O.J. Simpson, Lena Dunham on ‘American Horror Story’, Game of Thrones, racism and more! Jim Norton guests to talk Trevor Noah PC idiocy, Owen Benjamin stops by to sing a song and Clint Howard reveals Han Solo film secrets.

Meet The Rothschilds

Here are 15 things you might not know about the Rothschilds. In this video,  we’ll try to answer the following questions:

• Who are the Rothschilds?!
• Who is a part of the Rothschild family?!
• Who is the Rothschild family?!
• Is the Rothschild family evil?!
• Does the Rothschild family control the world?!
• Does the Rothschild family control the world banks?!
• Who is Jacob Rothschild?!
• Are the Rothschilds controlling the world?!
• Are the Rothschilds manipulating the world?!
• Are the Rothschilds manipulating gold market?!
• Is the Rothschild family influencing politics?!
• Is the Rothschild family influencing the economy?!
• Is the Rothschild family a conspiracy?!
• Is the Rothschild family conspiring against the world?!

CNN, Take That

Tomi Lahren destroys CNN in under two minutes.

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